Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hoodia Supreme

Hoodia Supreme is certified 100% pure from South Africa and was created from government approved Hoodia Gordoni. Proof can be established. Hoodia Supreme has been proven in clinical trials and there are reports to substantiate these facts. The product has been doctor approved and does not contain stimulants that is found in many diet products on the market today.

Hoodia Supreme was tested on 8 subjects ranging from ages 43- 59 years. All of them received 400 mg. of Hoodia Supreme in a vegetable capsule form two times per day and the results were assessed. They all lost weight. The average weight loss was 8 pounds in a four week time span. Each subject reported a reduction in appetite and an intake of 500 to 1000 less calories per day. Also some reported a slight increase in energy and all claimed the product suppressed their appetites. This was an individual study done by Hoodia Supreme to test their product fpr authenticity. The tests were performed through the guidance of T. V. Taylor, Academic Chairman of St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, Texas.

Hoodia Supreme was formulated by a world renouned physician, scientist, and professor. Stephen Holt, MD. is the one responsible for the Hoodia Supreme and if he did not believe in it, he would not endorse it and put his name on it. He believes that it is the best Hoodia diet product on the market today. Doctor Holt has done much research on Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Supreme has proven itself to him and many others. He has acquired his Hoodia Gordonii from reliable sources in South Africa which are government approved.

When taking Hoodia Supreme, you are getting 800 mg. of pure 100% Hoodia Gordonii in each daily dose. This can be proven with certificates and licenses of authenticity. All of the Hoodia Supreme products will consist of the 100% pure Hoodia from South African producers.

Hoodia products are a diet supplement that has many positive effects and Hoodia Supreme claims to be the #1 selling diet supplement on the market today. Accept nothing less, they say and don't be fooled by fake products. Do not take any products which contain stimulants and beware of products which have little or no Hoodia Gordonii in them.

Hoodia Supreme will suppress your appetite and may well boost your energy too. 800 mg. per day is all that is needed because it is the real Hoodia Gordonii. While it is always possible that it will not work for each individual, it worked on all of the subjects who were clinically tested. Every one of them lost weight and it is a good chance it will work for most individuals.

Hoodia Supreme can provide the Certification of Authenticity, Certification of Origin, Official C.I.T.E.S. Certification, and Growers and Sellers permits. They can provide proof of their clinical studies and the results of each.