Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hoodia Supreme is Real Deal - Completely Certified 100% Pure

There are numerous unscrupulous companies promoting weight loss products that do not actually contain 100% pure South African Hoodia gordonii. Dr. Stephen Holt has actually completely negotiated quality and sustainable sources of Hoodia gordonii through numerous South African links, which are all totally government approved. All of the Hoodia gordonii that is directly used in Hoodia Supreme is totally cultivated and actually shipped directly from South Africa. The following copies of documents not only show the Hoodia gordonii used in Hoodia Supreme is totally certified pure South African Hoodia, the lab tests conducted on the raw goods received from South Africa perfectly match the microbiological “fingerprint” of a totally bona fide standard sample of Hoodia gordonii from South Africa.

Hoodia Supreme is a complete "natural miracle"?

While obesity constantly reaches completely epidemic proportions, the afflicted become increasingly desperate to find spanking brand new ways to control body weight. The fact is there is just no single component that contributes to long-term, healthy weight loss. "Any claims made for weight loss have to be an approved drug claim." states Dr. Stephen Holt, M.D. "Hoodia Supreme does not actually make a standalone weight loss claim. In combination with overall behavior modification, calorie controlled diet and exercise it represents nutritional support only."

Here are some very major components showing the various capabilities of Hoodia Supreme:

• San Bushmen Have been actually using Hoodia for Centuries
For thousands of years, the San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert have really used Hoodia gordonii when they were actually deprived of food on extremely long hunting expeditions in the desert.
• Pharmaceutical Industry Takes Actual Notice of Hoodia Supreme
The pharmaceutical industry is actually planning to make drugs out of the sterol glycoside components of Hoodia gordonii but this is not consistent with the traditional overall use of the entire plant.
• Hoodia Supreme Contains Absolutely No Dangerous Stimulants
Hoodia Supreme absolutely does not contain the stimulants that actually appear in many of the products currently on the market today.
• Hoodia Supreme Has No Negative Side Effects
Hoodia gordonii has actually been in the everyday food chain in Africa for centuries, which provides a precedent of safety.
• Hoodia Supreme Real Appetite Suppressions
Losing weight is a totally easy equation. Just use more calories then you really consume. So the key is to fully limit your intake of food and signifigantlly increase your physical activities through overall exercise.
• Hoodia Supreme has the Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction
Based totally on information and belief, Hoodia Supreme is the best selling Hoodia product on the weight loss market and enjoys the highest customer reorder rate and consumer satisfaction. When it actually comes to getting the absolute highest quality Hoodia gordonii from South Africa, fully trust Hoodia Supreme from Natures Benefit.