Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hoodia Supreme Plus 30 Tabs by Nature's Benefit

Hoodia Supreme Plus is a companion product to the bestselling form of pure South African Hoodia gordonii, Hoodia Supreme. Hoodia Supreme Plus is proprietary and patent-pending (60/645,445) from Holt MD Labs. It provides all of the advantages of authentic, researched Hoodia with the added metabolic enhancement of Green Tea Extracts and Green Coffee Bean Extract. This unique and proprietary formula has been defined in the bestselling book, "Supreme Properties of Hoodia Gordonii" . Hoodia Supreme Plus combines purity, quality and cost effectiveness for weight control achieved by lifestyle change. This revolutionary product addresses metabolic problems of obesity, found in the metabolic syndrome X. Hoodia Supreme Plus, like Hoodia Supreme, is guaranteed to be authentic and biologically active unlike many other brands.

Suitable for vegetarians.