Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No Official Hoodia Warnings at This Time

The years of research performed by Phytopharm and their partner companies has not yielded any hoodia warnings and no undesirable side effects. Hoodia gordonii appears to be perfectly safe, but supplement companies which use this information to promote their products which do not contain 100% hoodia gordonii are not being 100% honest.

Yes, hoodia gordonii appears to be safe. No toxic effect has been noted in laboratory animals that were injected with the purified p57 molecule isolated from the hoodia gordonii plant. Volunteers in the clinical study performed by Phytopharm did not report any side effects. Hoodia gordonii users monitored by interested physicians have not reported any unwanted side effects. But, no formal clinical research has been conducted by supplement companies that combine hoodia gordonii with other ingredients, such as green tea.

Green tea is not a bad product. Many doctors and scientists agree that green tea can be an effective appetite suppressant. It contains anti-oxidants and green tea has a long history as a folk remedy, but green tea contains caffeine which is a stimulant. Although there are no hoodia warnings and no one knows of any side effects hoodia gordonii could cause, some concerns have been brought to our attention by users of hoodia; headache, side effects such as sleeplessness and nervousness. When further questioned, we learned that people who experienced these symptoms were using hoodia with green tea or other natural stimulants. There are many known side effects associated with the use of stimulants, even natural ones. Hoodia gordonii is not known to be a stimulant.

Stimulants, such as caffeine, can trigger migraines, increase heart rate and blood pressure. Reports of hoodia headache, side effects normally associated with stimulant use, may lead to hoodia warnings. The only side effects hoodia gordonii consumption is known to cause is suppression of hunger and thirst. Reputable supplement companies advise dieters to consult with their doctors before they begin any weight loss program, whether that program includes hoodia gordonii use or not. Even after checking with one’s doctor, it is advisable to check the product ingredients. Many people have unknowingly bought products which were mostly “other” ingredients. While there are no hoodia warnings at this time and no one knows of any side effects hoodia gordonii use may cause, anyone who experiences any problems after using products with hoodia (headache, side effects such as sleeplessness, nervousness, etc.) should discontinue use and consult their doctor.