Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How to Get Discount Hoodia

Most people agree that the best hoodia appetite suppressants are products which contain 100% real hoodia gordonii. Most ads for discount hoodia are either not 100% hoodia gordonii or they cannot be verified as genuine hoodia gordonii from South Africa.

Finding discount hoodia gordonii was not an issue for the San people of southern Africa. It grew around them. It was fairly common. It was not their favorite food source, but it did alleviate feelings of hunger and thirst when they were hunting or searching for more favorable foods. The issue of discount hoodia has only arisen since the world learned of the plant’s ability to suppress the appetite. People have searched for hoodia seeds, presumably to grow their own real hoodia gordonii, but even the harvesting of the seeds from wild hoodia gordonii is now prohibited in most areas of southern Africa and cultivating real hoodia gordonii requires special permits.

Real hoodia gordonii is expensive. It is hard to grow. The blooms smell like rotting meat. It takes a full year to be able to transplant the plants from seed trays to small pots and another three years or so to mature. This is just one of the reasons that real hoodia is not cheap. The best way to get discount hoodia gordonii is to buy multiple bottles from manufacturers that can confirm that there products are real hoodia gordonii. That is if you want effective hoodia products.

The issue of real hoodia versus fake hoodia arises, because there are about 15 different species of hoodia, but only the hoodia gordonii species is believed to be an appetite suppressant. Only real hoodia gordonii has been studied for effectiveness and safety. Phytopharm, a British pharmaceutical company, is still completing clinical research of real hoodia gordonii. Companies could claim to be selling discount hoodia or expensive hoodia for that matter and not face any repercussions (other than from unhappy customers) unless they are making false claims about using real hoodia gordonii. Apparently it is not easy to distinguish between species of hoodia and some hoodia species face the threat of extinction in the wild. Some harvesters may not be sure which hoodia species is the correct species to harvest. It is for this reason that all hoodia species (not just real hoodia gordonii) are protected by CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

CITES protection means that all hoodia exporters must be licensed. This is one way to find supplements that contain real hoodia gordonii, which is not always discount hoodia, but will be the most effective hoodia for appetite suppression. Look for CITES documents at any website claiming to sell real hoodia or discount hoodia. Look for analytical reports confirming that the hoodia being sold is real hoodia gordonii. If you don’t see these, don’t buy it. Once you find a real hoodia product, check out multi-bottle discounts. This is the best way to buy discount hoodia.