Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Real Hoodia Gordonii Plus

What’s in there? The plus must mean something. Real hoodia gordonii plus is one of the many popular hoodia diet pills on the market. The hoodia content is not considered a high hoodia dosage, but there are other ingredients and exceeding manufacturer’s recommended dosage is not advisable. This may or may not be the right product for you. This information is provided to help you decide.

The primary active ingredient in real hoodia gordonii plus is, as the name suggests, hoodia gordonii. Real hoodia gordonii plus provides 400mg of concentrated hoodia gordonii. This is not considered a high hoodia dosage, but some information suggests that products which contain concentrates may be more potent than non-concentrated products. CITES certification and product analysis available for inspection at the real hoodia gordonii plus website support the authenticity of the hoodia gordonii used by the company. Some manufacturers do not have these certifications and analysis reports.

As the plus suggests, hoodia gordonii is not the only active ingredient in real hoodia gordonii plus. 50mg of garcinia cambogia is included. Garcinia cambogia which is commonly called gambooge is a plant native to West and Central Africa and parts of Asia. Gambooge was used in traditional Indian medicine to treat a variety of ailments. One must assume that it was included in real hoodia gordonii plus, because certain clinical studies indicate that the active compound found in gambooge can decrease appetite, body mass index, and increase the body’s ability to burn fat. Research of the effects of gambooge is contradictory. Some groups showed positive results while others did not, but it is widely recommended as a natural fat burner. Most products which contain a high hoodia dosage do not include any other ingredients.

Real hoodia gordonii plus also includes 250 mg of magnesium, an essential mineral found in most vitamin supplements. Some well known diet experts recommend supplementation of magnesium. It is not commonly found in supplements which contain a high hoodia dosage. Magnesium helps strengthen muscles including the heart and helps the body to make use of the B complex vitamins, (important for energy) vitamin C and E. Magnesium is found naturally in green vegetables, nuts and seafood, but since the average American diet is high in starches, breads and pasta, which are low in magnesium, most people do not get enough. Total daily intake of magnesium should not exceed 400 mg, as higher dosages can be toxic. If you choose to use real hoodia gordonii plus, check the label of your daily vitamin to make sure that it does not contain more than 150mg of magnesium. Most do not, but some high potency products may.

There is 50mg of green tea extract in real hoodia gordonii plus. Most products which contain a high hoodia dosage do not include green tea. There have been numerous studies about the health benefits of green tea. It contains anti-oxidants which are thought to prevent cancer and possibly even wrinkles. Presumably, hoodia gordonii plus includes green tea in its product because research has shown that green tea can raise metabolic rates, speed up fat oxidation and calorie burning. Because green tea contains caffeine, those who are sensitive to stimulants may not be able to use real hoodia gordonii plus.

There are other ingredients in real hoodia gordonii plus. Those mentioned here are just the most interesting. Most high dosage hoodia pills on the market, those which provide 750mg or more of pure hoodia gordonii powder do not contain any of these ingredients. Some believe that the other ingredients are included because the amount of hoodia is so small, that other ingredients must be used to obtain the desired effects. This is of course a matter of opinion.