Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hoodia Potency Reports

There are no official hoodia potency reports, but to save you, the consumer, a little trouble, here is a look at the content of some of the more popular hoodia gordonii diet pills.

Pure hoodia pills are relatively hard to find. First, we have to look for products that do not list any ingredients other than hoodia gordonii. This narrows the field quite a bit, because many products are hoodia herb combos that supply only a small amount of hoodia gordonii per capsule. The best source of information regarding hoodia content and pure hoodia pills is Hoodia This is a non-profit South African based company dedicated to providing accurate information about hoodia gordonii diet pills. While they do not have hoodia potency reports, per se, they do have chemical analysis reports of many popular brands. They are quick to say that they have not evaluated each and every product on the market. Chemical analysis is expensive, but this may at least give dieters a starting point.

Hoodia has what they call the Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame. Here pure hoodia pills are compared to other “not so pure” hoodia pills. Chemical analysis reports are displayed and then the consumer can judge for themselves. Hoodia does not sell hoodia gordonii, pure hoodia pills or any form of hoodia product; they are simply trying to make it easier for the consumer to decide which products to buy.

There is no standard dosage for hoodia diet pills. Some customers report that they need about 1500mg per day, while others need 3000mg per day to control their appetite. Most pure hoodia pills contain 500mg or less, meaning that the customer may need to take a lot of pills to reach that 3000mg. Most hoodia potency reports are only related to products that are pure hoodia gordonii powder. Many companies use concentrates which some professionals consider to be more potent, but some do not. The potency reports that we focus on here are limited to the non-concentrated forms of hoodia gordonii dietary supplements. Analytical reports will show that pure hoodia pills have been evaluated for contaminants and reputable companies do not sell contaminated batches.

Now for the hoodia potency reports: Desert Burn 750 is one of the pure hoodia pills and contains 750mg per capsule of hoodia gordonii. Ethno Africa hoodia gordonii is one of the pure hoodia pills and contains 488mg of hoodia gordonii per capsule. King Hoodia is one of the pure hoodia diet pills and contains 750mg per capsule. Analytical reports can be viewed for all of these products at the Hoodia website or the individual company’s website.