Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hoodia Warnings

Although there are no known hoodia diet product side effects, products which do not contain 100% hoodia gordonii may cause side effects. The only relevant hoodia warnings concern customer satisfaction. Every company claims to carry the best hoodia gordonii, the most pure hoodia gordonii and the most effective hoodia gordonii. Then they warn customers about their competitors.

There are published hoodia warnings which state that some products have been independently tested and do not contain genuine hoodia gordonii. But if you do a little investigative work, you will find that those products have laboratory tests that seem to support their claims. Who is telling the truth here? It’s hard to say.

The only known hoodia diet product side effects are thirst suppression and appetite suppression, which is what it is supposed to do anyway. There are customer comments stating that Brand X did not work for them, while Brand Y did, but who knows whether these comments can be trusted. There have been reports from customers of hoodia diet product side effects relating to stomach upset, but at this time there are no clinical studies which support or contradict these complaints.

If you are looking for US government hoodia warnings, then you will not find any. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends that consumers evaluate all diet products with a “healthy portion of skepticism”. The FTC investigates complaints against health supplement as well as other companies. At this time they have not reported any complaints about hoodia products specifically. There are several pending class action suits against products which claim to contain hoodia gordonii. These suits are not concerned with hoodia diet product side effects, but the possible absence of hoodia gordonii in the products.

Since there are no hoodia warnings that may not be suspect and there are no known hoodia diet product side effects, the best advice for dieters at this time is to read and fully understand a company’s guarantee before you buy the product. That way, if it does not work for you, you may not lose weight, but you will not lose money either.