Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What is Hoodia?

What is Hoodia? Hoodia is a cactus-like plant from South Africa that belongs to a category of plants called succulents. The use of Hoodia is well known to the San bushmen of South Africa, who ate this plant to reduce hunger sensations during times of food scarcity. In order to alleviate hunger and thirst Hoodia was utilized by bushmen to be particularly valuable for use during extensive hunting expeditions in the Kalahari desert. The Kalahari desert is the prime location for the growth of the succulent plant.

Hoodia Supreme comes only from Certified Hoodia Gordonii and is supported by any possible certificate of quality and origin. Hoodia Supreme is certified by the farmers in South Africa, CITES permits issued by Government agencies to protect endangered species of plants, Cape of South Africa nature permits for good ecological practices, and export and import documentation direct from South Africa to the USA. In addition, full laboratory certification, including duplicate analysis by infrared spectroscopy and multiple batch testing of chemical contents including steroidal glycoside content and nutrient composition. What all this means is that Hoodia Supreme is certified to be genuine Hoodia Gordonii, while others may use imitations.

People often wonder about the safety of Hoodia and the side-effects, but no significant adverse effects of Hoodia have been reported. But on the other no one can provide a complete safety seal for this dietary supplement. Hoodia has been a “food” for centuries in South Africa, without any report of problems and with only confidence in its nutritional value from native South African people. The relevant safety of Hoodia in adults is quite strong.