Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Opinions on Hoodia Vary

While opinions on hoodia vary, the best hoodia diet aids appear to be those that are 100% certified genuine hoodia gordonii.

Opinions on hoodia vary from amazing African weight loss wonder to junk science. I have seen and read both extremes and everything in between. Opinions on hoodia gordonii weight loss products vary as well. There are a few things that most people, manufacturers and interested South African organizations agree on. The best hoodia diet aids contain genuine hoodia gordonii. They have CITES documents, which are required for exporting hoodia gordonii from South Africa. They have chemical analysis reports which support their claims and verify the hoodia gordonii is in fact present in the supplement. One might think that this is unnecessary, but reports of fake products, supported by random testing, indicates that it is necessary, if one is interested in a supplement that works.

It is important to realize that even the best hoodia diet aids are nothing more than appetite suppressants. They will not magically melt the fat away. Opinions on hoodia effectiveness as an appetite suppressant, for the most part, indicate that it can suppress feelings of hunger, but not psychological urges to eat. Some people say that they do not even think about food, but they are generally busy people, who, without a hunger pang, do not realize that it is time to eat. Less busy people may not be as satisfied with results.

Opinions on hoodia dosages also vary. There is no standard dosage. Not among dieters and not among manufacturers. The best hoodia diet aids contain 750mg of hoodia gordonii powder or more. Some say they need 1500mg per day. Some say they need more. There are not as many customer reviews related to products which contain concentrates. Professional opinions on hoodia concentrates vary as well. Some say that concentrates provide a more potent source of the product. Others say that the powders are more natural and that chemical analysis will indicate the presence of any impurities. The best hoodia diet aids do not use batches that contain impurities.

The most important opinions on hoodia use as an appetite suppressant are those of your doctor. The best hoodia diet aids recommend that individuals consult their doctor before they begin any weight loss program, whether they intend to use an appetite suppressant or not. Professional opinions on hoodia may vary, but opinions on the importance of a doctor’s supervision do not.